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Vector Spaces, Part 1

MNIST + scikit-learn

Python code and an approach to classifying the MNIST handwritten digits dataset with a 98+% accuracy for about $3 in infrastucture costs.

Transitioning From Lab Science To Data Science

How I transitioned from a career in academia to one in data science, and some thoughts on how you might make a similar move.

Relieving #SciPy2015 FOMO

Catching up on the great content from SciPy2015 without having attended the conference.

The Setup

My version of The Setup, a post about how I get things done.

From plain text to JSON with jq

Sometimes using tools differently than intended has fantastic results. Creating nested JSON from a tab- and newline-delimited text file.

One Year In: Data Scientist

A look back at some of the major changes in my transition from graduate student to data scientist.

Creating a Text File of U.S. State Names

Creating a simple data file of U.S. state names with the help of Wikipedia and a command line.

Social Media Pulse Meetup Presentation

Slides (+ some data and analysis) from a recent presentation.

Weekend Project: Build a Pelican-powered site on GitHub Pages

Getting started using a GitHub project repository to host and serve the static content for a simple blog site written in Markdown, compiled and configured in Python.