Social Media Pulse Meetup Presentation

I recently had the pleasure of giving a short talk at one of my favorite local Meetups: AnalyzeBoulder. If you have the chance, this group of folks is a lot of fun to interact with. My talk was a short introduction to the space of social data, the importance of focusing on a single event in a "firehose" of realtime data, and a brief intro of the Social Media Pulse (SMP). The SMP is a model we have used to describe the data shared by e.g. Twitter users following an unprecedented and unexpected event like an earthquake. The slides are available online, here.

Social Media Pulse

I also used the presentation as an opportunity to learn how to create talks using the reveal.js framework. I do love to Markdown all the things, so being able to write the talk almost entirely in Markdown (plus occasional javascript/html) was great. This proved to be a pretty fun platform for creating and delivering a talk - not needing to bring my computer to an event was nice. The presentation, all materials and data that went into it, and an IPython notebook for creating some of the figures are all contained in the repo. There's also a template repo for creating your own reveal.js preso available here.

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